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What version of Windows 10 do I have?

Windows 10 Start Menu Settings

Windows 10 was first released in July 2015. Since then Microsoft has released numerous major updates. But how do you know what version you are on?

To find out what version of Windows 10 you have installed, Navigate to the Start Menu and then select the Settings icon.

Windows 10 Start Menu Settings

Once in Settings, select “System” and then select “About”. Under the Windows specifications heading it will display the Edition and Version of Windows 10 you have installed.

How to check what version of Windows 10 you have

Currently, at the time of writing, Windows 10 20H2 is the latest version of Windows 10. If you are using a version of Windows 10 that has passed the Support End Date. (Please see table below).

It is strongly recommended to backup your device/data and perform an upgrade to ensure that you receive the latest software and security enhancements. If you have a genuine version of Windows 10 the upgrade is free and can be completed by using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, which is available to download from:

VersionSupport End Date
The dates above only apply to Home and Pro editions of Windows.

If you have an Education or Enterprise edition of Windows and would like to confirm the support date, please visit:
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iMazing HEIC Converter – Convert photos from HEIC to JPEG

iMazing HEIC to JPG Converter

Photos that are taken with an iPhone or iPad by default are saved in the HEIC file format. Apple changed the default file format from JPEG to HEIC in 2017.

When you share photos from your iPhone or iPad to social media or non iOS devices they are converted to JPEG. However, if you connect your device to a computer and manually copy the photos from the device to a computer, they are not converted. However, it is possible to convert photos from HEIC to JPEG.

Thankfully there is a free and easy to use software tool, iMazing HEIC Converter by DigiDNA that allows you to convert photos in the HEIC file format to JPEG.

iMazing HEIC Converter is available for Windows and macOS. Simply download iMazing HEIC Converter here:

Once download, install the software by following the onscreen wizard.

When you open iMazing, simply drag and drop the photos that you wish to convert.

iMazing HEIC Converter
Convert photos from HEIC to JPEG

iMazing makes converting the photos very simple, simply press “convert” and select the location of where you would like the converted photos saving when prompted. The photos are then saved in the JPEG file format.

I would strongly recommend that you uncheck the “Keep EXIF data” box to protect your privacy if you are sharing the photos. As the EXIF data can contain the GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken.

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Arduino – Elegoo Starter kit

Arduino Digital Thermometer

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. It is a perfect way to make an introduction to electronics and coding, a good way to get started is with a starter kit like the Elegoo Starter kit contains everything you need.

You might think that there is just one type of Arduino broad. No, there are tons the choice can be overwhelming, an official branded board currently costs around £23. With Arduino being an open-source electronics platform, they make their PCB designs freely available, so it is possible to get a generic Arduino board for much less.

I choose the ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit as a good all-around kit at a low price, it has everything you need to get started and is great for beginners young and old who are interested.

Amazon Affiliate Link (Paid) – ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit:

ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit

The included instructions and tutorials which are included on the disk are also available to download, by visiting:

Before you get started you will also need to install the Arduino IDE which is available for Windows, Mac or Linux. Arduino IDE Download:

You will quickly find yourself with a good understanding of the basics of electronics and coding by experimenting with an Arduino.

Arduino Digital thermometer
Digital thermometer
Joystick controlled servo motor
Joystick controlled servo motor

As this kit contains a wide variety of components, you can browse the Arduino Project Hub for more ideas and free tutorials.

Arduino Project Hub:

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Caffeine – Stop your computer from sleeping or locking

Coffee Cup

Caffeine is a free tool by Zhorn Software that prevents your windows computer from sleeping or locking. Caffeine works by simulating a keypress once every 59 seconds.

Caffeine is designed to be simple to use, simply download caffeine here:

Once downloaded, unzip and double click on Caffeine64.exe.
Note: If you have a 32bit Computer you will need to double click Caffeine32.exe instead.

When Caffeine start, it starts “enabled” and works by pressing the “f15” key every 59 seconds. When Caffeine is “enabled”, the tool will display a Coffee Jug icon. As shown below in the taskbar and prevent the computer from locking.

Caffeine Running Example - Stop computer from sleeping or locking

To stop Caffeine, right-click the icon and select exit.

By default, Caffeine works by simulating an F15 key up event every 59 seconds. Of all the keypresses available, F15 is probably the least intrusive, and least likely to interfere with your work. However, Caffeine might interfere with the following apps:

# PowerPoint uses the F15 keypress to pause the video in a slide
# Google Docs/Sheets
# Smartsheet
# Terminal emulation, e.g. Putty

Caffeine also has command-line switches available to alter its behaviour. To find out more or to support the developer please visit:

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How to delete stubborn folders – Windows

PowerShell Hero

How to delete stubborn folders using Robocopy in Windows. By using Robocopy to “mirror” an empty folder using the /MIR command.

What is RoboCopy? Robocopy is a free command-line file copy utility that has shipped with Windows since Vista.

To delete a stubborn folder and all its subfolders and files:

1) Create an empty folder.

2) Open PowerShell.

3) Run the following command:
Robocopy /MIR “<Path to empty folder>” “<Path to delete>”
Note: This will delete all files and folders within the folder path that you specify.


Robocopy /MIR "C:\Empty" "C:\Stuck\Stubborn\Folder"
RoboCopy Mirror Example - How to delete stubborn folders

To find out more about RoboCopy please visit: