3D Print Benchmark

3D Printer Update – 25/06/21

After having delays on the parts for the DIY 3D I decided to bench the 3D DIY Printer project for now. I will be reusing some parts in a future project. It’s not all bad news! I ended up purchasing…

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I caught the evil mouse working on its Arduino powered, 4 Wheel Drive Mouse-Mobile. It’s not clear what the mouses intentions are with this, but I can only suspect it is a plot against world domination…

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Window Plant Shelf

Finished making the window plant shelf for my partners plants. Next task is to add a plant monitoring system using an Arduino.

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Windows Server 2019 Install Guide

Windows Server 2019 – Install Guide

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – Installation Guide (Step by Step video guide). The Woodward.Digital YouTube channel has now launched. Please Subscribe! Link to download Microsoft Windows Server 2019:

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