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File Transfer Support for HTML 5 Remote Desktop Web Client

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The HTML 5 Remote Desktop Web Client, for Windows Server RDS Deployments, now supports File Transfers. However, to enable this, feature the HTML 5 Web Client will need to be manually updated.

To see the latest release notes for the Latest HTML 5 Remote Desktop Client, please visit:

To update the HTML 5 Web Client:

1. Open a PowerShell console as Administrator (Right-click run as Administrator) on the Server running the RD Web Access role. Run the command below, which will download the latest available version of the web client.


2. Now that the latest web client has been downloaded. It can be published by running the command below, which will replace the client for all users.

Publish-RDWebClientPackage -Type Production -Latest

Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions: [email protected]

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3D Printer Update – 25/06/21

3D Print Benchmark

After having delays on the parts for the DIY 3D I decided to bench the 3D DIY Printer project for now. I will be reusing some parts in a future project.

It’s not all bad news! I ended up purchasing an Ender 3 Pro, which in my opinion is one of the best bang for the buck printers. If you are interested in this printer, please use my Amazon Affiliate link below:

Currently, I have printed a few little pieces and there will be more to come!

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IR Remote Controlled Laser Cat Toy

IR Cat Toy

The IR Remote Controlled Laser Cat Toy is now complete. I used an Arduino UNO, IR remote, IR receiver, Laser Diode and two servos to create an IR remote controlled laser cat toy.

Lasers can cause permanent eye damage, ensure that you follow these safety measures:
Only use a low-Wattage laser i.e. 5mw or less.
Never shine a laser at a reflective surface.
Never shine a laser in to anyone’s eyes i.e. Cats, Dogs, Jedi’s, Humans etc.

Wiring Schematics:

Arduino Project source code:

#include <IRremote.h>
#include <Servo.h>
int IRPin = 11;
const int ServoXPin = 9;
const int ServoYPin = 10;

int XValue;
int YValue;
int X_Pos = 90;
int Y_Pos = 90;

IRrecv irrecv(IRPin);
decode_results results;
Servo ServoX;
Servo ServoY;

void setup()
void loop()
  if (irrecv.decode(&results))
    int value = results.value;
    switch (value)
      case 25245: //Keypad button "Vol +"
        Serial.println("Move Up");
        Y_Pos = Y_Pos - 15;
    switch (value)
      case -22441: //Keypad button "Vol -"
        Serial.println("Move Down");
        Y_Pos = Y_Pos + 15;
    switch (value)
      case 8925: //Keypad button "Pre Track"
        Serial.println("Move Left");
        X_Pos = X_Pos + 15;
    switch (value)
      case -15811: //Keypad button "Next Track"
        Serial.println("Move Right");
        X_Pos = X_Pos - 15;

Don’t forget, cats can get easily frustrated when playing with a Laser as they can not actually catch it. Make sure you switch over to a toy they can catch.

For the full parts list please visit my project on Arduino’s Project Hub:

Please contact me if you have any comments or suggestions: [email protected]