Bulbasaur Plant Pot 3D Print Timelapse

Calling all Pokemon and gardening enthusiasts! Meet the 3D printed Bulbasaur plant pot - a perfect addition to your indoor garden. This plant pot is designed to look like the iconic grass-type starter Pokemon and adds a fun touch to your home decor. Print yours today and take your love for Pokemon to the next level!

Micro Mandalorian Helmet 3D Print Timelapse

Want to own a piece of The Mandalorian? With the 3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet, you can create your own mini version using a Prusa MK3S+ and Made for Prusa Galaxy Silver PLA Filament. Watch the 3D print timelapse as it comes to life, layer by layer. The high-quality prints and metallic finish of the filament make it look like it came straight from the show.